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Stressed? Get help and give help

We all have times when we have low mental wellbeing – when we feel sad or stressed, or find it difficult to cope.  Sometimes, there is no clear reason why we experience a period of poor mental health but it is important to give yourself permission to feel your feelings; we all need to be better at acknowledging that there are times when “it is OK to not be OK”.

Whether you have a mental health problem or not, there may be times or situations in your life that are more difficult than others.  For example, when we suffer some sort of loss; experience loneliness or relationships problems; or are worried about work or money.

It can be easy to turn towards negative things to cope when you are feeling down, for example: drinking too much alcohol.  However, this type of behaviour will probably only make things worse in the long term and so it is important to look after yourself and actively engage in reaching, and maintaining, good mental health and wellbeing.  There is a helpful guide from Mind that gives lots of practical pointers

And how can you help someone else who may be struggling with stress? The award-winning Power of OK campaign from Scotland’s See Me programme gives some very practical advice (videos contains strong language)

What’s causing you stress? Get help

We know that there are lots of things that can cause us stress and impact on our mental health – we provide some information and resources below to help you with some of these issues too. there is also a stress section within Heads Up that has further information and advice.

One resource you may find helpful for coping with stress is the Steps for Stress resource - including a free guide to download, and relaxation videos. But there’s plenty of additional support available on a wide range of things that might be causing you stress.  Try searching for specific resources on NHS Inform  or via the ALISS info database or check out the resources below

What’s worrying you? Get support on…