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Heads Up BSL

Welcome to the Heads Up British Sign language (BSL) section.

This webpage is specifically for BSL users whose preferred method of communication is using sign language.  Research has shown that many sign language users have difficulties accessing written health information due to language and communication limitations. All of the resources featured below are in BSL enabling empowerment for the Deaf community.

These resources are provided as one of our innovative methods of improving communication with the Deaf community.

On this webpage is a list of video resources of mental health information for the Deaf community living in Greater Glasgow and Clyde area.

Please click the following video below.

Positive sign - Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing for Deaf Community

This suite of short films is one of the prevention measures with the aim to improve access for Deaf people. This also supports improvement of their self-management maintaining and preserving their own mental health. This suite of films also highlights to health and care staff how to improve their awareness of the particular needs of Deaf people and the culture they inhabit.

Understanding Mental Health
Accessing Mental Health Services

These films are a conversational piece in BSL and subtitles between two deaf people exploring and describing poor mental health. This also covers the pathway for Deaf people where to receive help if they recognise the symptoms as described in the films.

Positive Mental Health and Well Being

A documentary style interviewing Deaf BSL users from all walks of life focusing on improving their own mental well being.

Jo’s Story
Sam’s Story

Two individual emotional stories depicting practices of the mental health pathway exploring missed opportunities and barriers for deaf people, as well as positive experiences of using interpreting services to access mental health support.

Below is further information where to get help for BSL users:

If you like to have any materials/resources that is at the heads up webpage to translated in BSL Please contact Paul Hull

For BSL users only, at NHSGGC we are committed for Deaf people to receive fair and equitable care, otherwise you can contact Paul McCusker

Also please have a look at for further information about Mental Health Conditions in BSL.

Further translations request and contact details